Friday, August 17, 2012

One day when I had been walking solitarily abroad and was come home, I was wrapped up in love so that I could not but admire the greatness of love. While I was in that condition, it was opened unto me by the eternal light and I saw clearly therein that all these troubles were good for me.
When at any time my condition was veiled, my secret was stayed firm and hope underneath held me as an anchor in the bottom of the sea and anchored my unmortal soul, causing it to swim above the sea, the world, where all the raging waves, foul weather, tempests are.
As the light appeared, all appeared that is out of the light: darkness, death, all was manifest and seen in the light.
After this, a pure fire appeared in me then discerning came into me by which I did discern my own thoughts, groans, and sighs and what it was that veiled me and what it was that opened me.
Now was I come through the flaming sword into the Paradise. All things were new and gave another smell unto me than before beyond what words can utter. I knew nothing being renewed up into the state of Adam which he was in before he fell.
It was shewed me how all things had their names given them according to their nature and virtue. And I was at a stand in my mind whether I should practice physic for the good of mankind, seeing the nature and virtues of the creatures.
But I was immediately taken to see into another more steadfast state than Adam's.
Great things and wonderful depths beyond what can by words be declared, the hidden unity in the Eternal Being.

george fox
civil beyond all forms of breeding

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