Wednesday, March 7, 2012

is your only tool
fear through use
why can't we talk
you just can't taboo
all opposition as terror
and okay only
your violence
as lawful
eric arthur scratched
that long before
might get the poor folks in the back
who cant do more than read
but it wont hold the clerks you need

any absolute
breaks down
of its own N/A
that rare chance
needlessly repeating
there's nothing solid
in our universe

why cant you deal with honesty
what newspapers used to do
maybe we should uncover
evil and secrets
to each other
and  not let you

how are we ever
gonna get something
like legitimate democracy
not a better zookeeper
but even better
some species serving society
or a family
or a better human

seems like a smart leap to get there
if there is anything built in this society
other than shilling deception and disclaimer
it might be honesty
by  us
taking no credit

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