Saturday, January 7, 2012

But a wheel caught the letter
and rolled over it, and it stuck there,
and it was a sign of the kingdom and realm

Everything moving near the wheel
the wheel cut down,
and it destroyed a multitude of enemies
and bridged rivers and crossed over and uprooted forests
leaving a huge ditch.

As if a body were on the wheel, a head turned
down to the feet. The wheel turned on the feet
and whatever struck it.

The letter commanded over all districts,
and  there appeared a head.
It became the son of truth from the father on high,
who possessed all,
and the thought of many became nothing,

and the apostates and seducers grew brave yet fled,
and tormentors were blotted out.

The letter became a great tablet
a volume written by the finger of god.
On it was the name of the father and the son
and the holy  spirit
and their word of dominion forever.

Who can write the poems of the Lord,
or who can read them?
Who can train the soul for life to save the soul?
Who can rest high in the firmament
so that the mouth speaks?

The interpreter perishes, the interpreted stops,
It is enough to know and to rest and rest.
The motionless singers stand before a great river
with a huge fountain
flowing to those who seek the poem of the lord.

A cup of milk was offered,
and I drank of its sweetness as the delight of the Lord.
The son is the cup
and who was milked is the father.

His milk  should not drip out wastefully
The holy ghost opened the father's clothes
and  mingled the milk from the father's  two breasts
and gave that mingleness to the world
which was unknowing.

Those who drink
are near his right hand
The spirit opened the virgin's womb
and  she  received the milk.
The virgin became a mother
of enormous mercy.

         --solomon 23, 30, 19
          100 a domini


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