Saturday, December 24, 2011


so again
fire blowing
thoughts on the way over
looking healthy
so maybe
it will go to 90

(Occupy the spring)
subject vs object
whats so dangerous
about changing the subject
could it threaten so

if it leads to loss of work ethic
             what good is it to me
             if I have to house
            a nonworking man
isnt that a good thing?

listening to vincente
talking of how prohibition
which exists nowhere else
is destroying
americas border nations

looking at martini's annunciation
where did all the beards come from
is that a jewish thing

so this is my house
cant fucking be
joys wine glass
from the summer
on the mantel
on the box instrument
so this is my house
and this is my dog
changing me

animals don't seek union
like us
or right openness
which we can only
safely recognize
in the other

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