Saturday, January 15, 2011

jim managed the band
kept them tight
fastened to his pants
working even when he stripped

prancing ego
miami - light my fire
crowd is raunchy
grand and trashed
vision preaching
he couldn't explain
before the Law

laughs during the long organ solo
john a pounding thoroughbred
robbie is quiet
best organ solo ever
robbie whispers all the lonely people
the solo when I think he
simulated fellatio
but then the crowd starts cheering
about something perhaps
his shirt is gone
           there are no rules
          do it
kids start talking
amongst themselves
           id  fuck her but shes too young
           come on up here
his last night
never been put down
even in new haven
but this is his last farewell
at precisely the same time
he stopped caring
fucking with everything
giving it all
sapien expression

screaming jackson expression

doesn't stop
              I want to see  some action out there
             your show
             anything you want goes!
hands the mic to someone
          someones gong to get hurt?!!

profane like  arthur
sleeping near marcel


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