Wednesday, April 29, 2015

pent and pants up

tired and dazed

its a desert inn

hot porches

and memories

stranged repetitive

and universal

as if the background was never lived

except by you

who cant be trusted

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

soiled from travel
to the burdened for lack of a room
a glutton for experience
he sat in quiet
hands down legs crossed
a mantid praying
with fans for the cheeks vain
waiting for signal
while shine dimmed and wandered
for a spring warm
in his guard den
away from the rain

Sunday, February 1, 2015

a war on words
all forms my verse
a stretch not to drip
but lash the page into

francis xmas 14:
may the power of Christ
which brings freedom
and service
be felt in
many hearts affected by war
persecution and slavery

by the power of Christ

well strategized diplomacies
narrow vertical god rights
the blood of children
dripping now
from Christ robots
@ a drivein for the dull

there are no padded cells
they are well lit and hard
dirt concretized like a hero in blake
but one cell is padded when
reason binds perception

Saturday, January 24, 2015

all the smokers

meditating their bits

on the corner(s)



to electric heads
that have forgotten love in side
it is enough
shout sing love,

finger her finger
you have to show them
how to like surrender love
for they are lost
and need

(after pop music)

the internet is the cheapest bread and circuses

they could think of

your magnetism

or perhaps the initial composition

is charted on the date of your breath

whereas positions at conception

might be far more important

but death is closer inside

american films & their (The End)

pretense from inference

slave code

cold grave

big eyes

and insect heart

a machine modeling

the room

the new movement will be

the Last Construct

the car ended quick

all that sitting by the side of the road

the next end is sitting

we must fight for the real vs. the virtual

and their marketed equality

in the same way

that television framed

translated into symbol

family life

destroying it

the screen will end the by

and by anything

but (in)nothing

a thing

no more than in a thing

reverses for the 21st time:

the cops causing disorder

glamour never comes
only fakery popery
invent no gods

recording everything at the end

each time to be unwound again

the machines phones voices

making you wait react focus

dividing up, selling

your attention for distraction

in a metal world

play with time

my 12th father yester day

a whyte tom

took mary's blade in the face

for her sister

sniffing the sky tasting

the light

when you discover

you see what you missed

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

come artist
all forms are known neal
a third member in
a gesture to phi
a golden portion
sun mystics
robing their head in light
infant hearts under carnelian & feldspar
sitting still
in seed

  may your souls not remove themselves
  from you
  may your forms live and speak

1352 bce

Sunday, December 7, 2014

basel 14

Saturday, December 6, 2014

basel 14

basel 14!