Thursday, March 20, 2014

a minor ape
no real
only limits of reception
so no worry
those limits fade

worry becomes rule

lingering in the land
the shadows invite
and boredom terrors
no shame

why not a big day
a break
flight to light to day
why come back
they're not here

Saturday, January 11, 2014

If an existing individual were really able to transcend himself, the truth would be for him something final and complete; but where is the point at which he is outside himself?

The I-am-I is a mathematical point which does not exist, and in so far there is nothing to prevent everyone from occupying this standpoint; the one will not be in the way of the other. It is only momentarily that the particular individual is able to realize existentially a unity of the infinite and the finite which transcends existence. This unity is realized in the moment of passion.

Modern philosophy has tried anything and everything in the effort to help the individual to transcend himself objectively, which is a wholly impossible feat; existence exercises its restraining influence, and if philosophers nowadays had not become mere scribblers in the service of a fantastic thinking and its preoccupation, they would long ago have perceived that suicide was the only tolerable practical interpretation of its striving.

But the scribbling modern philosophy holds passion in contempt; and yet passion is the culmination of existence for an existing individual--and we are all of us existing individuals. In passion the existing subject is rendered infinite in the eternity of the imaginative representation, and yet he is at the same time most definitely himself.

The fantastic I-am-I is not an identity of the infinite and the finite, since neither the one nor the other is real; it is a fantastic rendezvous in the clouds, an unfruitful embrace, and the relationship of the individual self to this mirage is never indicated.

The existing individual who chooses to pursue the objective way enters upon the entire approximation-process by which it is proposed to bring God to light objectively. But this is in all eternity impossible, because God is a subject, and therefore exists only for subjectivity in inwardness.

The existing individual who chooses the subjective way apprehends instantly the entire dialectical difficulty involved in having to use some time, perhaps a long time, in finding God objectively; and he feels this dialectical difficulty in all its painfulness, because every moment is wasted in which he does not have God.

That very instant he has God, not by virtue of any objective deliberation, but by virtue of the infinite passion of inward-ness.

The objective inquirer, on the other hand, is not embarrassed by such dialectical difficulties as are involved in devoting an entire period of investigation to finding God-since it is possible that the inquirer may die tomorrow; and if he lives he can scarcely regard God as something to be taken along if convenient, since God is precisely that which one takes a tout prix, which in the understanding of passion constitutes the true inward relationship to God.

PS. It becomes clear rather that the only way in which an existing individual comes into relation with God is when the dialectical contradiction brings his passion to the point of despair, and helps him to embrace God with the "category of despair" (faith).  It is then not so that God is a postulate, as that the existing individual's postulation of God is a necessity.

-soren 1846 Copenhagen

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

in dream thought
we wonder the same
and work on the real stuff
though it may feel confusion
there are no belief limitations

all out behaviour
sex drugs reading
are playing as if one could adjust
a factor of connectivity
turn up familyness
to feel safe for immediacy

if it feels that right
if you are aware of everything
it is hard
to get a wrong feeling
about something
you should trust

you are a dot in  a field
but once you realize
you begin to see + and -
speed within a plane
different angles

shake your head vigorously
might change your frequency

you see through things for they
are small outside time
as are you

like we're all
in this weird construct
trapped in it

you are creating this all
around you

once you see that your heart is the center
and you go down into that
into the spark of the heart muscle
you also go into dna

all your ancestors are there
for you are an impression forever
on code if you have children,
and indirectly through your behaviour,
others and your own

your own decisions in the past
have created the code
which you experience
now but you connect to everything
through dna

and they all sit in my room
in my head and listen

when you are in the presence of another
dog or person
it confirms your belief
that your reality is real
all this talk about what is real

why write
why teach? entertainment?
leaving a path to get back
if one would ever

i experienced all my eyes
 a wonder
mother and dad working together
making it easy to work within me

whatever law pattern telling you not to ___
is the last hurdle
you don't
 it would be the reversal of love
but you could and then you begin to read code

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sackner Archives



Perez Art Museum Miami


basel 13


basel 13

basel 13



basel 13


basel 13




Monday, December 2, 2013


the serpent is the Form
you are the monkey

the myth persists
your reality
for 80 revolutions
a cord with a head
to the back of your mind
like earth to a plant

unknowing unloving
mechanical to a T

Thursday, November 7, 2013

why the eyes
signal the back
the skin patch

at dark
do we return
outside the trip
ourselves real
dreaming of puppets

noone to call
a kid with imagination
liquid mind telling the story

you do not inhabit
the body in sleep
the body chooses
your exit
switching inside

why surprise
when things missing

life personality
spreading infinite
laughing painting

praise without ego


Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the lure of fixating abstractions
is freedom from the body
requiring for service of
the metaposition
the apparent need for
elimination of alternatives
and a fixation with objects
upon possession

and yes the ego is an insect
and I am a good reptile
but the unity within me
has to overcome all assumptions
conditions and beliefs

underlying every assumption
is that we are awake
that waking is the alternative
rather than a limitation
of the interface of matter & symbol

and unity only
has to be beheld
to be expressed
that is the tough one
and then what to do

Friday, October 18, 2013

I am the Word
does not imply meaning
the Truth
the Way
these are the values
of the peoples
the constants
of the Universes
as are you
and I