Monday, January 15, 2018

if the earth does not know of us
will the earth know of me
when i pass
like the earth
i will spring after winter
into eight legged squashers
and holy vermin

why be clean now
why feel
if the earth will not feel
after i leave

rather why not thrill
from the valley
seek the wave in the next
should it be my last

this trail
marked in ice
and a pleasant companion
the earth cannot know

Saturday, January 13, 2018

the cross
i crawl its beams
i've seen the grain
the edge
its nail

it is night
with the two others
on this hill
and the mass below

my tomb, so welcome
must i leave it in the morn
swim in the road again
with fire as my guide

the sky will not hold me
the stars and moon try
but clouds inside
are not lifting

yet step by step
hand by hand
i scramble 'cross the wood

after the court
after the betrayals
never to cry out 
for sake

for this time of stone
a sound of machines
of the grind, the wind
and the watch's eye

Monday, August 17, 2015

a king hidden

summons in the code

seeds of a sun flower

to ride the wind

settle new lands

and burst anew

iron and light


to beat the time

in verse(s

Saturday, July 18, 2015

the problems with the sequence

and steps of the enlightenment be that

they not only involve critical thinking

decision points that the population doesn’t know of

but the interhival 
growth culture

pushes up gluttonements

designer utmost addicts 

making it an impossible act 

bound by survival

through fear of any loss

in every start or step

spin your bottom around

reverse of your top

everything is spinning

but you’re not

spheres can acclimate

in rotation

angle away any


your freq is different


warp of rotation



the prohibitions of the roman temple

and that govern you

are a roadmap checklist

to explore not just in behavior

but your state





are processes that free

you from matter’s binding

just heart and frequency

open to mater
of which you are hand


should we "enter" our digit realm

should we bring the symbol luggage

discarding so many ologies

what would be the reference outside

what would be the need

are there unknown digit realms

presumably uncreated

and why should a digit poem

be any greater than the programmer

unless we have opened the very nature

of expansion &perchance even connectivity

lieing in the code signal

we look for deus, aliens, reserection

do we know not

a digit/number sequence

directs the hominids

would a sequence sensibility

created by filtered academic

conditioned white men be

patriarchal in the extreme

we have yet to permit number machines

to be indispensable

but the governing have,

to dispense with us

to arrive at a new format

of thinking of thinking

philosophy is a lie

even information becomes a threat

even the vagaries of poetry

become the possibilities

programmed by number

fixing choice

the god we find

will not be a personality

neither are you

but invitate to vibrate

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

pent and pants up

tired and dazed

its a desert inn

hot porches

and memories

stranged repetitive

and universal

as if the background was never lived

except by you

who cant be trusted

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

soiled from travel
to the burdened for lack of a room
a glutton for experience
he sat in quiet
hands down legs crossed
a mantid praying
with fans for the cheeks vain
waiting for signal
while shine dimmed and wandered
for a spring warm
in his guard den
away from the rain

Sunday, February 1, 2015

a war on words
all forms my verse
a stretch not to drip
but lash the page into

francis xmas 14:
may the power of Christ
which brings freedom
and service
be felt in
many hearts affected by war
persecution and slavery

by the power of Christ

well strategized diplomacies
narrow vertical god rights
the blood of children
dripping now
from Christ robots
@ a drivein for the dull

there are no padded cells
they are well lit and hard
dirt concretized like a hero in blake
but one cell is padded when
reason binds perception

Saturday, January 24, 2015

all the smokers

meditating their bits

on the corner(s)



to electric heads
that have forgotten love in side
it is enough
shout sing love,

finger her finger
you have to show them
how to like surrender love
for they are lost
and need

(after pop music)

the internet is the cheapest bread and circuses

they could think of

your magnetism

or perhaps the initial composition

is charted on the date of your breath

whereas positions at conception

might be far more important

but death is closer inside

american films & their (The End)

pretense from inference

slave code

cold grave

big eyes

and insect heart

a machine modeling

the room

the new movement will be

the Last Construct

the car ended quick

all that sitting by the side of the road

the next end is sitting

we must fight for the real vs. the virtual

and their marketed equality

in the same way

that television framed

translated into symbol

family life

destroying it

the screen will end the by

and by anything

but (in)nothing

a thing

no more than in a thing