Saturday, July 18, 2015

the problems with the sequence

and steps of the enlightenment be that

they not only involve critical thinking

decision points that the population doesn’t know of

but the interhival 
growth culture

pushes up gluttonements

designer utmost addicts 

making it an impossible act 

bound by survival

through fear of any loss

in every start or step

spin your bottom around

reverse of your top

everything is spinning

but you’re not

spheres can acclimate

in rotation

angle away any


your freq is different


warp of rotation



the prohibitions of the roman temple

and that govern you

are a roadmap checklist

to explore not just in behavior

but your state





are processes that free

you from matter’s binding

just heart and frequency

open to mater
of which you are hand


should we "enter" our digit realm

should we bring the symbol luggage

discarding so many ologies

what would be the reference outside

what would be the need

are there unknown digit realms

presumably uncreated

and why should a digit poem

be any greater than the programmer

unless we have opened the very nature

of expansion &perchance even connectivity

lieing in the code signal

we look for deus, aliens, reserection

do we know not

a digit/number sequence

directs the hominids

would a sequence sensibility

created by filtered academic

conditioned white men be

patriarchal in the extreme

we have yet to permit number machines

to be indispensable

but the governing have,

to dispense with us

to arrive at a new format

of thinking of thinking

philosophy is a lie

even information becomes a threat

even the vagaries of poetry

become the possibilities

programmed by number

fixing choice

the god we find

will not be a personality

neither are you

but invitate to vibrate