Sunday, August 17, 2014

my competence is sectoid

a muscle in a shell

my words a scripture for a mind

hearts of sufi remain open

welcome to the coming

what is the heart

what hollow timber

a word love

every thing yet never seen

by some blind to All

we have billions within us

to work with

all those boys in the past

dead as i die today

to rise on morrow's gain

the sterility of the now

tell them you were here

no past no future

no causality

a step

a new 14 hour version

spit different every rise

leaving notes

the very oldest

conversant with time

speaking again

of cycle

does anyone see

what the inter net is

it is on you

it will be in you

catching you

and best,

your children

yet the elders

trained salesmen

the donors

lead the young

to the next new circle

net work

losing the opportunity

to live your mind

unshelved and unlabeled

if the young ever had it

but we did we all did

until 5 when

we don't remember

we were the happiest

the satanic rape

the denial

is shrieking now

as Man loves-worships

his tool him self

denying his creator


the dryest in tender

feelings & ether

after the embers

brave dark matter

dark energy

it is you

dissolve into

change change

faster change

you are only orientation

dissolution practice

succeeding productions

of yourself in

sand liquid blood

yellow red and black

when you stroll away

sand clean

welcome change

modify rate

nature and mother

will do what it wants

with you