Sunday, September 15, 2013

compass glass whistlin
sails tight mast aching
seas of waves
a touch within the code
calling you to ground

growth stalk leaf
the animal cant fight
cant write
still whistle tho
skip then gaze
feel hair on the wind
light on the cells
and the streams
in  the last shot
a quantum on break

a rub of english
sight blurred in the south
limbs from the North

heart fast

theres a room where they wont bite you
the insect brain the reptile has you by the throat

reflections you weave from smokes
mirrors you lose at cognition

and the rock rotates
grinding and aiming
for your outside lane
and your pedals move
the bar is broken
you'll never make speed

but try anyway

if not for the straw games
you could lay with the dog

straw and rain