Sunday, August 18, 2013

this Self is never born, nor does it die, nor did anything spring from it.
This Ancient one is unborn, eternal,everlasting.
It is not even slain even though the body is slain.

revelation manifest

one frame of reference

we are mud pushing mud
on a dark heated rock in the middle

leaving the planet
means at best a new species
or dna thrown upward into chaos

JFK Fitzgerald responds
or we have a new species
smarter than whole flora
and fauna of prior organ(ism)s
which has extra angle
we do not
weaknesses, obvious strengths
but its adaptability
and ours
will make the difference
if any

the upanishads are a manual
set down by a fire
to the user of an operating system
which is becoming yours

your collective
the collective ignored
is telling you this is dangerous
but lies are deceiving your will
your days are as real
as your decisions and just as unstable

you cannot explain either
and find no answer from anyone
so you dive
value:  $

it is not that I claim to be certain for you
but I must be certain for me
certainty being a delusion
a choice
cept after cept

the systemic push
is no to every line
may be a background program
to facilitate signal travel

writing as if the world were a computer
creating data
electric memory

m'rning walk thoughts

if you can read a book by two ways
as if a different person(s)
you can do it with life

so if a new voice speaks
how certain that it is you

like most categories
systems as a member
I think we are
severely imprisoned
so imprisoned that if true
all of us in unity
could not defeat
awareness of this

is their value humor?

perhaps you chose this life
your independent behaviour pattern
looked into a hole
and saw your life
and chose it as an experiment
signing up again

that would explain everything
amusement and loss of memory

totems make money on that
value pre arranged
in a data contest you lose

that is what you have entered
a novelty Hell
infinite circles
paradise squared
with a fall

but birds make do