Tuesday, December 24, 2013

in dream thought
we wonder the same
and work on the real stuff
though it may feel confusion
there are no belief limitations

all out behaviour
sex drugs reading
are playing as if one could adjust
a factor of connectivity
turn up familyness
to feel safe for immediacy

yet if it feels that right
if you are aware of everything
it is hard
to get a wrong feeling
about something
you should trust

you are a dot in a field
but once you realize
you begin to see + and -
speed within a plane
different angles

shaking your head vigorously
might change your frequency

you see through things for they
are small outside time
as are you

like we're all
in this weird construct
trapped in it

you are creating this all
around you

once you see that your heart is the center
and you go down into that
into the spark of the heart muscle
you also go into dna

all your ancestors are there
for you are an impression forever
on code if you have children,
and indirectly, through your behaviour,
others and your own

your own decisions in the past
have created the code
which you experience
now but you connect to everything
through dna

and they all sit in my room
in my head and listen

when you are in the presence of another
dog or person
it confirms your belief
that your reality is real
all this talk about what is real

why write
why teach? entertainment?
leaving a path to get back
if one would ever

i experienced all my eyes
 a wonder
mother and dad working together
making it easy to work within me

whatever law pattern telling you not to ___
is the last hurdle
you don't
 it would be the reversal of love
but you could and then you begin to read code

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sackner Archives



Perez Art Museum Miami


basel 13


basel 13

basel 13



basel 13


basel 13




Monday, December 2, 2013


the serpent is the Form
you are the monkey

the myth persists
your reality
for 80 revolutions
a cord with a head
to the back of your mind
like earth to a plant

unknowing unloving
mechanical to a T