Sunday, September 22, 2013

a paladin Mynster
stopped and bent his mare
a crowd from the street gathered
a piper, a maid
he wrote,

a war between a religion of the rich
versus a code of the strong

I am the fruit man
its of the season
and always ripe
but it cuts to your belly

among of which
pupal suaves
the pizdrool has been pulled up
bred and battered
for a dillon a dollar

because if we don't have the demand
we don't need the servants
as the moment arrives

its a wild's kitten, my dear
a book of nights

the galaxy is within
same as the galaxy without
and your bridge is just a room
and your chair
is rented, licensed
and belted

I labeled it earth
I don't think I was smarterer than
or more knowledgeable
I am more knowledgeable about my own self
which is perhaps the only reliable possibility
of probabilities I've got

typin to the notes of a raga
with forty instruments of percussion
jackoac might have felt that comparison
between the trumpet and the typewriter
the keypad and the flesh

it is the next frontier
biology is absolute
culture is your relative
and a prison
with jeweled windows

step out
there is no odour
step out of what you can
every day

it will exponentiate

do it comfortable
until comfort no longer matters
step out

and now so do I
its a white world
course ridley
made them white



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