Sunday, September 29, 2013

the fed and q e
may be just the lever
to keep down unrest
at any cost
even of money

but the new currency
will be digital anyway
or is

we lay like lions
lazing with friends
under trees on rugs
with women
but at night
we are chaired


should mind exist
us and others
are the only agreed
media to matter when
in fact its connected everywhere

a predicament

and if they take dna
from the ugliest part of you
they can remake you
to the nail

all this recording of us
foldered in heavy metal
will be the only option
or termination
and we will rush for it

its delights
its fakiry

a matrix of numbers
alternating zero
in eternal purgation
with a plug

thereby gaining some escape

Sunday, September 22, 2013

a paladin Mynster
stopped and bent his mare
a crowd from the street gathered
a piper, a maid
he wrote,

a war between a religion of the rich
versus a code of the strong

I am the fruit man
its of the season
and always ripe
but it cuts to your belly

among of which
pupal suaves
the pizdrool has been pulled up
bred and battered
for a dillon a dollar

because if we don't have the demand
we don't need the servants
as the moment arrives

its a wild's kitten, my dear
a book of nights

the galaxy is within
same as the galaxy without
and your bridge is just a room
and your chair
is rented, licensed
and belted

I labeled it earth
I don't think I was smarterer than
or more knowledgeable
I am more knowledgeable about my own self
which is perhaps the only reliable possibility
of probabilities I've got

typin to the notes of a raga
with forty instruments of percussion
jackoac might have felt that comparison
between the trumpet and the typewriter
the keypad and the flesh

it is the next frontier
biology is absolute
culture is your relative
and a prison
with jeweled windows

step out
there is no odour
step out of what you can
every day

it will exponentiate

do it comfortable
until comfort no longer matters
step out

and now so do I
its a white world
course ridley
made them white



Sunday, September 15, 2013

compass glass whistlin
sails tight mast aching
seas of waves
a touch within the code
calling you to ground

growth stalk leaf
the animal cant fight
cant write
still whistle tho
skip then gaze
feel hair on the wind
light on the cells
and the streams
in  the last shot
a quantum on break

a rub of english
sight blurred in the south
limbs from the North

heart fast

theres a room where they wont bite you
the insect brain the reptile has you by the throat

reflections you weave from smokes
mirrors you lose at cognition

and the rock rotates
grinding and aiming
for your outside lane
and your pedals move
the bar is broken
you'll never make speed

but try anyway

if not for the straw games
you could lay with the dog

straw and rain


Thursday, September 12, 2013

but if you step out of
your species' learned pattern
senses change, values
necessarily your soul
but in perception
you become aware of everything
and the way the world is

you know there is a
reality universe everything eater
and its just beginning
and you know there is something
you're not supposed to do
something like madness
loss of direction
and if you do
it will be the end of a con
only you will hear


Sunday, September 1, 2013

what to decide
what is growth
what does one learn
is the infant the body
what are we
an organizing pattern
of behaviour only
part self aware
ignorant of the whole
on repeat
we have followed astray
lapsed, shiny hollusions
universal yet insular
of our own ideation
that have windows
called music and art
and roofs like religion

so is not the door
yourself, the most certain
and chances are
when you get there
it knows
where to go