Friday, November 23, 2012





a monkey found fire and became man
fusion, fission there are rooms of energy
as complexities of mind

if sol is a source
it doesn't need to communicate
might appear and indeed
desire to appear inanimate
to a rabble of monkeys

who could never figure
or experiment
if fusion was mind
altho it caused theirs

who accept a system where
causation not understood by
a sapiens squared
is not causation

but energy is mass
but what is mass
a bit much

:try squaring the speed of light

like Jesus in a cave
you are light inside

but always a thread
has to be
part of being

if the dog will hold your gaze
look into being

a dog has identity
and anything that does
should not lose it
should not suffer pain
that is not suffered by other parts
of the larger organism

all identities
crushed like yours
like all matter
all energy
a 3 day world
that has to end w/in time

find the timeless
a way out
have you already

as an event
within a process
you are already dead
yet you appreciate
because of the existence
it is sweet

on a rock pillow
the earth heats my heart
the H-O-H  bond