Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Method 8.03d

obtain imaging that is difficult to track
under a tree
a hedge's leaves
the hum
random moving parts
your left hemi will struggle
to fixate on a point(s)
can almost feel it in my left eye
but thats an anecdote

its too subtle to say relax
but try to inhibit as much as possible
this impulse toward certainty
allow points to move
waves will appear
levels of patterns moving
and  it  will become difficult
to distinguish independent
free moving groups
from any frailties of vision

increasing the authority
of  the right hemi
may be switchable at any  time
may be useful
since most sources of fun and mystery
involve excitation of the right brain
but this time without ego

I am invisible, he thinks often.
And Exempt.
Immunity has been  granted to me,
for I do not lose my cool.
Polarity is selected at will,
for I am not ionized
and I possess not valence.

Call me inert and featureless but
Beware, I am the Shadow,
free to cloud men's minds.

But breathes there a soul
with man so dead
who never to his head has said
is there anything happening

            richard farina