Monday, March 19, 2012

power doesn't persuade
even discuss
but eliminates risk
which is speech
of conscience
from each member
which behaviour traditions
will fight to death
hopefully yours
because to not control
the discussion
changes a game
thats why  you hear
about gas and women
a $300/yr distraction
while millions go to banks daily
three billion every morning
for american war
which aren't affecting the economy
these aren't open to discussion
for any alternative
is not only ill designed
but somehow evil
suspicious of character
insulted by a god
as unpatriotic
and punishable

might be american
could be german
or  chinese
but in this revolution
IDEA will embody
truth will be seen

thats why they talk
to theatre audiences
who in a party
will not apply logic
to weakness

the country is sick
its attitude and rule
is unhealthy
for longevity

no way to defeat it
laws like iron
yet a breach is needed
as at the founding
this turning
at the end
of the ancien regime

dont be scared
dont let reality
be sold back to you
by the same sh*tty boss
that looks like mitt 
taking over the bankrupt
to sell the assets

Expect us