Sunday, February 26, 2012

american flight

university for the idiot
voices heard
stay near your children
don't leave your bag
line up
the scatter blast
and i swim in aquatic airs
over turquoise seas of hair
amid niliac columns
with my sidepocket friend

digging the open
and me just writing down
his thoughts on our
journey to the Field
and the hollows
with dripping streams
fragrant leaves
and giggling flying buzzes
while the wings
sinfonet from the trees

all this ordering
to save 10%
in their canned misery
directing with a handshake
squaring a living space
but perfumed roses pass occasionally
with self smiles
and the grace of hanging together

he ran to her
her breath still on his skin
and fled with freedom

scouts in the cabin
and they all turn from
the sunrise beauty
in fear that will be invaded too
by the partitioning, placing, timing
selling, confining, lying, disappointing
that is mandatory
in corporate space
where government is the maiden
to Money

more school
endless rules repeated needlessly
smoking, oxygen, masks, risk and disclaimer
economically engineered so there is zero chance
of survival in any crash

grab your life vest
no guarantees on flotation
its just a device
like you
upright and locked

a child sings
says no to the engines
and we lift