Monday, February 13, 2012

Its the only time in my life I've been drunk.
My comrades and I Secretly gathered over a quart of local wine.  I've completely forgotten  what happened during that night.
I simply remember taht I was awoken at dawn, by a milkwoman,
on the road from STeyr to Karsten.  I was in a lamentable state when I got back to the house of my crux.  I had a bath and drank a cup of coffee.  Then  Petronella asked me whether I had obtained my certificate.
i wanted to show it to her, I rummaged in my pockets, I turned them inside out, Not a trace of my certificate! What could I have done with it, and what was I to show my mother?  I was already thinking up an explanation:  I had unfolded it in the train, in front of an  open window, and a gust of wind had carried it off. Petronella did not agree with me, and  suggested that it would be better to ask at the school for a duplicate of the document.  And, since I had drunk away all my money, She carried her kindness so far as to lend me five guilden.
      The director began by keeping me waiting for quite a long time.  My certificate had been brought back to the school, but torn into four pieces, and in a somewhat inglorious condition.  It appeared that in the absent-mindedness of intoxication, I had confused the precious parchment with toilet paper.  I was overwhelmed.
I cannot tell you what the director said to me, I am still humiliated, even from here.
I made a promise to myself that I would never get drunk again, and I've kept my promise.

The new Chancellery will  have to have permanently at its disposal two hundred of the finest motor cars.  The chauffeurs can perform a secondary  function as footmen.
Whether  as chauffeurs or as footmen these men must be absolutely reliable from the political point of  view quite apart from the fact that they mustn't be clumsy fools.

Amongst the religious practice today there is  none that goes back further than two thousand  five hundred years.
There is less distance between the man-ape and the ordinary modern man than there is between the ordinary modern man and a man like Schopenhauer.
In comparison with the millenary past, what does a period of two thousand years signify?

The universe, in its material elements, has the same composition whether we're speaking of the earth, the sun or any other planet.  It is impossible to suppose nowadays that organic life exists only on our planet.

Does the knowledge bought by science make men happy?  That I don't know.  But I observe that man can be happy by deluding  himself with  false knowledge.  I grant one must cultivate tolerance.

The Russians were entitled  to attack their priests, but they had no right to assail the idea of a supreme force.  Its a fact that we are feeble creatures, and that a creative force exists.
To seek to deny it is folly.  In that case, its better to believe something false than not to believe anything at all.  Who's that little Bolshevik professor who claims to triumph over creation?
People like that, we'll break them.

Whether we rely on on the catechism or on philosophy, we have possibilities in reserve, whilst they, with their purely materialistic conceptions, can only devour one another.

But one day England will be obliged to make approaches to the Continent and it will be a German -British  army that will chase the Americans from Iceland .
I don't see much future  from the Americans.
In my view, its a decayed country.  And they have their racial problem,
and the problem, of social inequalitiies.  Those were what caused the downfall to Rome, and yet Rome was a solid edifice that stood for something.  Moreover the Romans were inspired by great ideas .  Nothing of the sort in England to-day, and as for the Americans, that kind of thing is nonexistent.   Thats why in spite of everything , I like an Englishman a thousand times better than an American.

              -dinners with adolf

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