Thursday, December 29, 2011

hollerin in the hollow

the trick is not pleasing
the body
but controlling then using

most lost the sense
of their own body
don't know where it is
just in there

stretch the muscles
around the bone
massage the  guts
with the abdominals
the spine in the cavity
all the while relaxing
the body from concerns
and pressures
from the brain

museic is body speech
the serpent inside you
is the body and you are the

making music should be
your body will make it
and that wild music
is what you need weekly
not a host

its  as natural as thinking
or speaking
what makes your race
not the toolmaking

and it is a race-you're losing
but  ahead of the others

move the race forward
get everyone to
in color
and with pipes
for their bodies

we do not make instruments
the body does
and we get in the way
by selling that
with cream

is it a coincidence
that the piano
is so good for stretching
the bow the string
your body in waves

dance is the body

the love is devastating

due to the absence
of any education
it can only be learned
then spread

and at the end
the fire of your body
should be kindled
by the breath of a friend
and relation

it is always the escape


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